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At Clover Farms, our goal is to provide locally grown, wholesome, and sustainable foods to Northeast Florida. Our current focus is on providing highly sustainable, humanely raised and the best tasting grass fed beef, outdoor living eggs and pastured goat.

We use the latest regenerative growing techniques to continuously heal the land we grow on. Instead of depleting the soil of nutrients and carbon through excessive tilling and the dumping of artificial fertilizers, we keep carbon in the soil where it belongs and seed our pastures with a polyculture of legumes, fescues and other forages which provides important nutrients for our livestock. We're starting a movement and sincerely hope you'll join us.


Our promise to our customers is simple: we will never grow for today at the expense of tomorrow.

Kyle & Carrie (Your Local Farmers)


If you'd like to learn more about us we hope you'll connect with us on Instagram @cloverfarmsfl. Heck, you can even send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!


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No pesticides. No hormones. No antibiotics. It seems like everyone's throwing these terms around, but shouldn't these be a given? The bar has been set too low for our food supply and decided to do our part to raise it. That's why our farm uses the latest regenerative growing techniques, putting a strong focus on healing the soil we grow in. It's sounds complex but it's quite simple: healthy soil = healthy food.

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