Locally Grown Goodness

Wholesome food grown with intensely sustainable production methods in North Florida.

Grassfed From Start to Finish

Our cattle are rotationally grazed on open pastures with plenty of fresh forage, resulting in robust beef that tastes better.  Our beef is also aged for 21 days.

Outdoor Living Eggs

Big corporations are consolidating smaller farms and hiding behind carefully defined terms like "pasture raised". When you buy our eggs, you're getting them from chickens that aren't just provided "access" to pasture—they live on the pasture.

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No pesticides. No hormones. No antibiotics. It seems like everyone's throwing these terms around, but shouldn't these be a given? The bar has been set too low for our food supply and decided to do our part to raise it. That's why our farm uses the latest regenerative growing techniques, putting a strong focus on healing the soil we grow in. It's sounds complex but it's quite simple: healthy soil = healthy food.

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